Belong Dating

On August 17, a new dating app launched in San Francisco, CA. It's called BELONG, and it's the first smart dating app to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to curate personalized matches and social experiences exclusively for accomplished singles, according to Bahareh Mohammadi, CEO and Founder of BELONG. So, instead of endless messaging back and forth with matches, the apps says you can "go from match to meet in real life, fast." 

The technology that have been used - Xamarin, C#

Lead Developer - Oleksii Z

Warehouse Management

Warehouse management - created for the company "Equip Trading" mobile application for warehouse staff, which includes the display of available goods in the warehouse, the ability to scan barcodes and instantly record the moved goods.

The technology that have been used - Kotlin

Lead Android Developer - Andrey P.

Personal Medicine Plus

Personal Medicine Plus is an app company working on a health management platform for Medicaid and rural populations with chronic conditions. The app will use data from connected devices and gamified behavior tracking to help people with conditions like pre-diabetes or pre-hypertension.

 The technology that have been used - Objective-C

Lead Developer - Sergey V.


ivee is the voice-activated assistant that turns any home into a smart home. Simply say “Turn off the kitchen lights,” or “Call me an Uber,” and ivee will make it happen. ivee connects with a ton of connected devices and cool services, making it easy to use and flexible to your needs.

Technology that have been used - Cordova Apache, Ionic Framework

Lead Developer - Tural M.



This app provides a deeper understanding of your personality based on a few short questions. It is easy to understand and ideal to share with friends. It will give you a breakdown of how much your personality is of each of the four colors - blue, red, yellow and green.

The technology that have been used - C#

Lead Developer - Alexey S.

DMS Courier

Created for Delivery Master Software, the courier app for drivers integrates fully with our Back Office System giving easy and real-time contact with your drivers. You will need to be one of our existing customers to activate the app.

The technology that have been used - Xamarin, C#

Lead Developer - Oleksii Z.


AAM All Access

Interactive app developed for Board members and homeowners of AAM managed communities. AAM All Access allows homeowners and Boards to stay connected, pay their dues and access relevant community resources.

The technology that have been used - Xamarin, C#

Lead Developer - Oleksii Z.

Travel Price Converter

This Android app will help you to buy food, clothes or alcohol at a better price when you travel.
What you pay for wine, clothes or food depends on where you are. You can find great deals when you on travel or vacation.

The technology that have been used - Kotlin

Lead developer -  Nikolay F.


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