Modern web development is impossible to imagine without the use of frameworks. They greatly facilitate and accelerate the work of programmers, saving them and client time, make development faster, better and cheaper.


These are special software platforms or complexes of components and models. It is in web development, in recent years, they have received intensive development. Many frameworks use the MVC design pattern (the model-view-controller is “model-view-controller”). MVC is a prerequisite for organizing code or components. Its goal is to solve the design problem that arose in the working solution.

In addition, the design pattern divides the entire application into three elements:

- Business processes (model).
- Data flow control (controller).
- Creating HTML pages (view).


Laravel has many features that enable rapid application development. It has its own engine for Blade templates and an elegant syntax that makes it easier to perform common tasks: authentication, session, queue analysis, caching and RESTful routing.
Laravel also has a local development environment, Homestead, which is essentially a superstructure over Vagrant.

Supported databases are MySQL, Postgresql, SQLite, SQL Server.


The components of the Symfony 2 framework are used in many great projects, for example - Drupal 8 CMS, phpBB and Laravel. Symfony has an extensive developer community.

Symfony 2 components are PHP libraries that can be reused and do a lot of tasks with them: creating forms, configuring objects, routing, authenticating, creating templates, and much more. Any component can be installed using the Composer package manager for PHP.


Choose Yii 2 to improve site performance. It is faster than all other PHP frameworks, as it uses on-demand loading technology (lazy loading). Yii 2 is completely object-oriented and based on the principle of Don’t-Repeat-Yourself, so the basis for the code will be clean and logical.

Yii 2 is integrated with jQuery and comes with a set of AJAX functions. The skinning and theme selection mechanisms are simple. It also has a powerful source code generator - Gii, which facilitates object-oriented programming and rapid prototyping, and also provides a web-based interface in which you can interactively generate the necessary code.


JavaScript Frameworks


Vue.js is an open source framework for working with UI, which continues to evolve. Deservedly the most popular JS-framework for GitHub statistics.
Vue.js redraws the minimum number of components and supports the integration of third-party libraries, it is very fast, uses Virtual DOM, and also provides reactivity and component structure.

- Easy integration into projects using other libraries.
- Can work as a framework for creating advanced single-page applications.


This is Google-developed JS platform.
The irreplaceable framework is intended not only for software developers, but also for designers. Angular firmly established among the sought-after frameworks. This is an open platform that will help create SPA (Single Pages Applications), implement two-way binding for dynamically changing data, etc.

- Developers are faced with fewer errors, since the data binding is based on the basis of Angular-elements.
- Various MVC elements are supported.


Strictly speaking, this is not really a framework, but a library. This is an indispensable tool for IT-companies and various business sites. This JS-library is necessary when you need to solve the problem of a partial update of the content of a web page, as a result of which it is an ideal tool for large-scale web projects.
The functionality of React.js helps to improve the performance of the UI.

- Free and Open Source.
- Can use already written code.
- Supports virtual DOM functionality


jQuery is the most popular javascript library. With the MIT license, this library gives application developers the ability to write shorter code, thereby reducing their workload. It supports DOM-manipulations and in tandem with CSS can be useful for solving any problem.

- Much used due to fast processing.
- In all browsers works the same.


This is server JS platform. Responsive, non-blocking and fast tool. GoDaddy and Paypal are just some of the big-name companies that use Node.js. It is best suited for I / O and streaming applications.

Such software can run on multiple hosts.
Enable fast servers.


Python Frameworks



Python is a powerful and flexible language suitable for developing stand-alone web applications. Those who are planning to create such applications should pay attention to the specially designed framework for Flask.

It uses a template engine called Jinja, however, if desired, the user can freely choose other engines. Flask is usually positioned as an extensible framework. You can create APIs, RESTful services, and endpoints. Flask is also used to write server-side applications.


Django is considered the undisputed leader in popularity among Python frameworks. It is an open source framework that helps speed up the development process and scale projects. It is updated regularly to fit fresh versions of Python.

Django is fully compatible with most database engines. Based on it, applications of popular services such as Pinterest, Instagram and Disqus are created. This is a universal framework; It can be used to write different types of sites, as it supports JSON, XML, RSS and any other web content formats.